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This site is conducted by Business Continuity consultants with extensive BCP experience in a variety of sectors (finance, services, administration).

Achieving a Business Continuity Plan is a strategic project for a company. It must be effective to enable the company to cope with a major crisis (natural events, fire, breakdowns, bugs or computer attacks, unavailability of staff, lack of suppliers, ...), but also becomes mandatory to respond to regulatory requirements or those of its partners.

Our BCP approach is above all pragmatic and from our many experiences through proven models, tools and methodological support.


Our BCPs have 6 components :


  • The Crisis Management Plan The Crisis Management Plan defines the organization and procedures necessary to activate the BCP and to manage the crisis until the return to normal. It includes escalation procedures, crisis communication and human resources management in crisis situations.


  • The IT recovery planThe IT recovery plan defines the means and procedures for the recovery of applications and IT and telecommunications services on backup equipment. The IT recovery plan typically relies on one or more backup sites and today uses data replication and server virtualization techniques.



  • The Relocation and Logistics PlanThe Relocation and Logistics Plan defines the alternative sites for the hosting of disaster services and the logistics required for their implementation (personnel transport, shuttles, crisis accommodation, etc.).


  • The Business Activity Resumption Plans For each business line, the Business Activity Resumption Plans define the organization of the business and the procedure for the recovery of its priority processes, and also the operating procedures in a crisis situation, depending on the context of the disaster (degraded process). , workarounds, etc.)



  • The Maintenance Plan in Operational ConditionsTo be effective, a BCP must be maintained at all times to take into account the many changes that may occur (evolution of the information system, new organization, changing issues and risks, launching a new product, etc.). This Plan defines the organization required to manage these changes as well as the PCA evaluation procedures.



  • The test plan The Test Plan defines the annual test campaigns that ensure that the essential procedures of the BCP are operational and that the various actors (crisis teams, intervention teams, managers) act effectively in a crisis context.


Our approaches are in line with good practices, which are now widespread (ISO 27001,ISO 22301, ISO24762).